On 2014-01-24 20:31, Mark Felder wrote:
> I agree with the rest of this thread. This is just awful. I'm basically
> forced to do source based updates when jumping major versions because
> freebsd-update is a nightmare to use.

Not tested, but maybe this works.
a) use etcmerge before freebsd-upgrade and exclude /etc in freebsd-update.conf
b) manually extract the sources, then use mergemaster and then run 
c) if you have more then one system fix once freebsd-update and deploy the 
script to the rest of the systems

I use myself a mix of mergemaster and upgrade via the (kernel|src|man|...).txz 
and base.txz (exclude ^./etc).
Going this way since 6.x and also major upgrades 6.x->7.x->8.x ... main issue 
on older systems is the space required by the kernel symbols.

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