Lessons learned from source upgrade from FreeBSD i386 9.2 Stable to FreeBSD
i386 10.0 Release.

Clang does not need to to be installed first.

> B)
> FreeBSD 10's change to pkg(8) (a.k.a. PKGNG) affects the portupgrade tools
> as 
> well as the package tools.
> Even if you are not using packages,
> before upgrading to FreeBSD 10 install pkg(8) as described in:
> http://www5.us.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/pkgng-intro.html
> and be sure to run pkg2ng.
> C)
> FreeBSD 10 moves converters/libiconv into the base system, which directly
> or 
> indirectly affects many ports.
> This migration has largely been taken care of for the official packages,
> however, if you are rebuilding from the ports tree
> "pkg_delete libiconv" must be run,
> or converters/libiconv must be deinstalled,
> before your post OS recompile of all your ports.
> Most of the iconv hardcodes have been addressed in the ports tree, but
> this is 
> still being worked on.

Many Gnome ports still had issues with continuing to link to
such as avahi-app and gdm.

People who deleted all ports, removed /usr/local and reinstalled
have reported that they do not have the problem. 

Apparently, some Gnome components are finicky about how they are built.
A note from

> Remove all .la files from the packages you just installed to prevent
> problems during the build.
> You'll have to remember to do this again each time you install more
> packages.

I deleted the contents of /usr/local/lib and ran portupgrade -afu
which rebuilt most of the problematic ports.

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