On 29.01.2014 16:16, David Chisnall wrote:
On 29 Jan 2014, at 15:08, Michael Schmiedgen <schmied...@gmx.net> wrote:

Can we expect a current version of spring in ports soon? That would
be nice! AFAIK newer versions require OpenMP. Will this compile with
our (new 3.4 soon) base clang?

Base clang doesn't support OpenMP.  We should probably import Intel's Clang 
fork into ports:


This can then be used to compile things that need both libc++ and OpenMP.  
Intel's OpenMP runtime is permissively licensed now, but will likely require a 
small amount of porting to get it to work on FreeBSD (it supports Linux and OS 

I thought OpenMP will be an integral part of LLVM/clang in near future,
at least the front-end part? It seems there are plans to even integrate
the runtime in the llvm project source tree:


Ok, so llvm/clang 3.4 obviously will not ship with OpenMP, but maybe
later versions.


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