Am 25.01.2014 um 16:11 schrieb Mark Felder <>:

> On Sat, Jan 25, 2014, at 5:32, Lars Engels wrote:
>> Also using freebsd-update behind a proxy is really slow. Even with a
>> very fast internet connection (normally download rates ca. 3 MBytes / s)
>> downloading all the tiny binary diff files took more than 8 hours.
>> Maybe freebsd-update's backend could create a tarball of all those diffs
>> and provide this? 
> Even streaming the tar instead of waiting for the freebsd-update server
> to produce the tarball would be an improvement. I have no experience
> doing that over a WAN but I don't see why it would be unreliable.

Apropos proxy:
freebsd-update does not work behind a proxy that requires authentication.
At least not with our proxy (which is a Sophos/Astaro „threat management 
That’s OK for me, because I can talk the proxy-guys here into making an 
exception for my FreeBSD-servers - but It’s really a nuisance because 
everything else (that uses libfetch) can use proxy-authentication.

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