Correction to my own message. The problem is not with newpcm driver per se but
with esd/newpcm combination. mpg123 recompiled without OPT_ESOUND works just
fine, so does xmms when using OSS output plugin. Only when I force these two to
use ESD for output, then I am getting "fast forward"-like cacophony I was
describing in my previous message.

> Subject says it all. Everytime I am trying to use my SB16PNP card to play any
> sound file (WAV, MP3), all I am getting is garbled sound because driver plays
> sound at increased rate (i.e. it takes less than 10 sec for mpg123 to decode
> 5 min long song).
> FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm) Apr 19 2000 09:43:52
> Installed devices:
> pcm0: <SB DSP 4.13> at io 0x220 irq 5 drq 1:5 (1p/1r channels duplex)

E-Mail: Alexander N. Kabaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 19-Apr-00
Time: 12:43:51

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