on 28/01/2014 11:28 Vladimir Sharun said the following:
> Dear Andriy and FreeBSD community,
> After applying this path one of the systems runs fine (disk subsystem load 
> low to moderate 
> - 10-20% busy sustained),
> Then I saw this patch was merged to the HEAD and we apply it to the one of 
> the systems 
> with moderate to high disk load: 30-60% busy (11.0-CURRENT #7 r261118: Fri 
> Jan 24 17:25:08 EET 2014)
> Within 4 days we experiencing the same leak(?) as without patch: 
> last pid: 53841;  load averages:  4.47,  4.18,  3.78     up 3+16:37:09  
> 11:24:39
> 543 processes: 6 running, 537 sleeping
> CPU:  8.7% user,  0.0% nice, 14.6% system,  1.4% interrupt, 75.3% idle
> Mem: 22G Active, 1045M Inact, 98G Wired, 1288M Cache, 3284M Buf, 2246M Free
> ARC: 73G Total, 3763M MFU, 62G MRU, 56M Anon, 1887M Header, 4969M Other
> Swap:
> The ARC is populated within 30mins under load to the max (90Gb) then start 
> decreasing.
> The delta between Wiread and ARC total start growing from typical 10-12Gb 
> without L2 enabled
> to the 25Gb with L2 enabled and counting (4 hours ago was 22Gb delta).

First,  have you checked that vmstat -z output contains the same anomaly as for
in your original report?

If yes, the please try to reproduce the problem with the following debugging 
Please make sure to compile your kernel (and modules) with INVARIANTS.

Andriy Gapon
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