At 3:41 AM -0400 4/19/00, Robert Watson wrote:
>I hope not to change the format any further.  I've been considering
>introducing a backing file header version number of some sort, but
>this is only necessary if we think the backing file format will
>change much more.
>Comments welcome.

If you're going to change the header right now, then I would think
it is best to add a field for version number.  What you're saying
is that "we will never ever have to change this format again", and
that seems overly optimistic to me.  I don't even know what this
*IS*, other than you report that this change will cause "weird and
unfortunate things to happen" for backing files created with the
previous format.  Any format where a change can cause "weird and
unfortunate things to happen" should have a version number in it,
in my opinion...

What downside is there to adding a field for version number?

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