On Monday, February 03, 2014 02:56:37 PM Christian Brueffer wrote:
> Hi,
> for some time now we have had two drivers for NVIDIA NForce/MCP network
> chips, namely nve(4) and nfe(4).
> The former came first and is based on a binary blob.  The latter was
> later ported from OpenBSD and is blob-free.
> nfe(4) supports all chips nve(4) supports, in addition to all the newer
> hardware.  In essence, nfe(4) has been the de-facto standard driver for
> a long time.  nve(4) has been commented out in GENERIC since 2007.
> For this reason I propose deprecating nve(4) in 10-STABLE and removing
> it from HEAD.
> Does anyone see a reason not to do this?

Go for it!

John Baldwin
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