I've been using newcons for quite a while on my laptop (X220) and it generally 
works well.  A few comments:

- When I kldload i915kms on the console, ttyv0 always scrolls down so that the
  previous screen contents are just off the "top" of the screen.   Other vt's
  do not do this.  (For example, on ttyv1, the initial login prompt remains on
  the screen at the top.)  If I login on on ttyv1 and run the kldload from
  there, the behavior is generally the same: ttyv1-N all preserve the existing
  screen contents, but ttyv0 always scrolls up.  This is a minor annoyance,
  but given that it works for all the other vt's, it seems like ttyv0 should
  work as well.
- I get one complaint about an invalid ioctl when starting hald even with
  freshly compiled ports:

consolectl: unknown ioctl: t:40007413 

- The few times I've had panics in X, newcons has switched back to ttyv0 and I
  was able to use DDB just fine.  \0/
- I just had the same softclock related panic Adrian reported for the first
  time yesterday (and I've resumed probably 20-30 times without an issue).
- Occasionally if I move the mouse around constantly on the console I can get
  the mouse cursor to leave an artifact.  If I move the mouse cursor back over
  the artifact it gets cleaned up, but only the pixels the mouse cursor
  overlaps with (so if I try I can make it only clean up part of the
  artifact).  Switching to another VT and back cleans up the artifacts as

John Baldwin
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