16.02.2014 15:28, Aryeh Friedman пишет:

> He was asking how to run a VM on ARM something that one of our core team
> members has already demostrated and I was just giving a pointer to it (the
> archives are a little screw right now so no direct link)

1. Top quoting.
2. Unneeded over quoting.
3. Bogus quoting (my words were removed but name remained).
4. No technical answer at your first answer (only site link).
5. The aforementioned site does not have the word "VIMAGE".

This _is_ SPAM.

PS. You claim to be a "Lead Developer", so, please, try to
write technical answers and to respect all others time (do
appropriate quoting).

> On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 6:25 AM, Boris Samorodov <b...@passap.ru> wrote:
>> 16.02.2014 14:29, Aryeh Friedman пишет:
>>> Take a look at petitecloud.org it might solve your issue we have a
>> working
>>> cloud on a stick for stuff like the above (using bhyve running off a usb
>>> drive)
>> Is it only me who thinks that it's a pure SPAM?
>>> On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 11:48 PM, YAMAMOTO Shigeru <shig...@iij.ad.jp
>>> wrote:
>>>> I hope to use "option VIMAGE" on RaspberryPi.
>>>> So, I try to make a patch.
>> http://freebsd-current.os-hackers.jp/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/20130812/raspberry-pi/patch-vimage-r254236.diff
>>>> #There is a SD image for RaspberryPi at same place.
>>>> But, I only test it for if_smsc driver on RaspberryPi.
>>>> I don't test other architectures/devices.
>>>> Please test my patch and suggest the way to support "option VIMAGE" on
>> USB
>>>> devices, if you are interested in.

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