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> While base iconv replaces libiconv in FreeBSD 10,
> base iconv doesn't do utf-8 -> wchar_t,
> which is required by glib20, thus impacts thousands of ports.
> An entry in the FreeBSD 10 Errata stating that iconv is now in the base
> system,
> however, that it does not include all the functionality of libiconv from
> ports,
> would help make port maintainers aware of iconv issues.

Support for wchar_t is only one of the differences. The base iconv is fully
posix compliant, but the port (GNU) library has several extra capabilities
including wchat_t.

Since the base iconv is in the kernel, not a shared library, it is not
clear (to me) that that it is necessary to re-build ports that depend on
ports that need libiconv. E.g. It does not appear that building glib20 with
libiconv forces a rebuild of glibmm even though the wchar_t calls are
triggered by rawtherapee to glibmm which actually makes the call to glib
that tries to do the wchar_t operation.

This is very different from a libtrary that had been in ports being moved
to base such as openssl. This does force lots of rebuilds to prevent
library version collisions that will cause load failures.
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