As I use the Gnome2 desktop, I am unclear as to the recommended best

Base iconv and ports libiconv conflict, so one or the other should be used.
FreeBSD 10 has been updated so that either base iconv or ports libiconv can
be used.
For me to switch between the two requires a two day recompile.

I removed converters/libiconv for FreeBSD 10, as use of base iconv is now
more correct.

Since, glib20 has added dependancy libiconv back in, which affects many
(I was at first elated that iconv was finally in the base system, as
updating libiconv causes much havok.)

I am also working on the problem of USB drives no longer mounting from user
space like they did on FreeBSD 9.
An increasing number of people are noting this issue,
and like descriptions of the issue were being related to iconv issues.

I don't know whether I should continue to trouble shoot base iconv issues,
or try to stick with ports' converters/libiconv until FreeBSD 11?

Will use of both be somehow supported???

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