I've tracked down what seems to be a bug in the new version of OpenSSL I
imported a week ago which affects the alpha platform. It *looks* like a
bug in OpenSSL's "bignum" library which might not have shown up for users
of the default openssl distribution, which uses assembly to implement
(parts of) bignum on alpha. We don't currently use asm on either platform
(i386 or alpha) because of a lack of support for a target "CPU revision"
(e.g. i[3456]86) during make world.

Anyway, the net result of this is that OpenSSH is broken because the RSA
operations fail. Possibly the solution is to enable asm code when building
for the alpha, but that is going to take a bit of work. In the meantime, I
recommend alpha users who make use of openssh or openssl not upgrade their
crypto/ and secure/ directories, or revert them to prior to the 13th.


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