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After being disappointed with the list of submitted FreeBSD ideas, I created
my own Machiavellist vision of XXI-century FreeBSD. I paste it below. If you
want to add something, it's here:


GSOC students could use this as an inspiration for their projects. The idea
is to invite non-C, non-OS, non-kernel developers to help out with FreeBSD


BSDXXI manifesto
[nice stuff] removed for brevity

I like all this.. I thought you meant XXI to mean the "FreeBSD's 21st year"
but there is more than one year's worth of stuff there.

I really suggest people seriously look at the list.. lots of really neat ideas. peole who are not necessarily C coders could do lots of this if we had a project to gather people under to do it.
PCBSD people would be a core of interested people..

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