On 2014-02-23 04:12, David Chisnall wrote:
> Hi Bruno,
> 3) It's easy for tools to add lines to rc.conf, it's hard to remove them.  If 
> you're administering a large number of nodes, you want to be able to push out 
> updates to all, in a way that doesn't clobber local changes.  Text file 
> processing here is always going to be a fragile hack.

sysrc solves this nicely, it is in base now, and is great for
programmatically adding, removing and changing lines in rc.conf style
files. It is also in ports for older versions of FreeBSD where it is not
in base.

At ScaleEngine, we make extensive use of a global rc.conf pushed by
puppet, with local modifications in rc.conf.local (and we actually
extend this with an rc.conf.role file, added to the rc_conf_files.

Allan Jude

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