On 24/02/2014 15:40, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
In message <530b666a.1000...@rewt.org.uk>, Joe Holden writes:

Please check how NTP is authenticated before giving bad advice,
it's all in the RFC.

v3 or v4? It is an optional part of the spec in both cases and again
isn't required for 99% of people using ntpd as a client, which was the
entire point of this exercise in the first place.

Authentication of NTP is rapidly gaining focus these days, for obvious
reasons, so I think adopting software now which don't support it would
be needlessly shortsighted.

3 years ago I would have agree with you, but not now.

Fair enough, that isn't the real problem we are facing but rather than derail this thread even further I think it would be best to discuss that another day :)
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