On 2/24/2014 10:16 AM, Lucius Rizzo wrote:
> * Bryan Drewery <bdrew...@freebsd.org> [2014-02-24 09:40]:
>> Remembering the time I spent trying to configure sendmail to not accept
>> inbound mail, and trying to get it to behave how I want, I fully support
>> this. Of all the years I've messed with sendmail, I still have little
>> understanding of how to configure it or if I've done it right.
> Hush! No sendmail hating :P. I remember it being a right of passage to
> graduate to a ^real^ UNIX admin when you had lost half of your hair
> while working on sendmail.cf. In a era now long gone, I remember
> carrying the sendmail bible (thick with detailed instructions on cf
> vars) as protection vs. say a baseball bat. 

I have the Oreilly sendmail book here and it's thicker than The Design
and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System. That's quite an

Bryan Drewery
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