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> If the above doesn't work, you have to fall back to ports.  And this is where 
> things get really hairy.  Just generating the list of required distfiles is 
> problematic. 'make fetch-recursive-list' will give you a script to run to 
> pull down the direct build dependencies, but this misses run-time 
> dependencies.  Generating that list takes a lot of manual work, and is *very* 
> time consuming.

Or, purely hypothetically, if your goal was to make it work, you could just use 
Poudriere which will take a list of packages that you need and build a package 
set for you, which you can stick on a DVD / USB stick / whatever and take into 
your production environment.  It will also let trivially update the package set 
to the latest version and build the packages with your specific configuration.

If you need an environment this customised, but don't want to use the tools 
specifically designed for building such a setup, then you don't really get to 
complain.  If Poudriere doesn't do what you want, then constructive feature 
requests are always welcome (bapt likes having us add things to his to-do list 
- he has way too much free time).


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