On 02/24/14 17:16, Lucius Rizzo wrote:
> * Bryan Drewery <bdrew...@freebsd.org> [2014-02-24 09:40]:
>> Remembering the time I spent trying to configure sendmail to not accept
>> inbound mail, and trying to get it to behave how I want, I fully support
>> this. Of all the years I've messed with sendmail, I still have little
>> understanding of how to configure it or if I've done it right.
> Hush! No sendmail hating :P. I remember it being a right of passage to
> graduate to a ^real^ UNIX admin when you had lost half of your hair
> while working on sendmail.cf. In a era now long gone, I remember
> carrying the sendmail bible (thick with detailed instructions on cf
> vars) as protection vs. say a baseball bat. 
> The Sendmail manual was thick, heavy and while I never did use it as a
> weapon; I had imagined many times throwing it at a server and see if
> that maybe fixed the problem with sendmail.cf.
> I've worked with MTA's a lot. I have hated and loved Sendmail. ATM, I am
> back in my I <3 Sendmail mode and have it running quite well -- with a
> lot of cool milters on some of my servers. But sendmail is not for the
> faint of heart, or ones who are at risk of hair loss. In fact, I would
> highly discourage sendmail use in the latter case. 
>> My exaggerated view of sendmail as a user:
> [...]
> Poof..that's easy :P
>>> # Uncomment if you want STARTTLS support (only used in combination
>> Yes please. Simple.
>> I'm not sure where to even start with sendmail to enable those
>> options.
> See! That wasn't hard at all!! I don't get why people get so worried.
> What you posted was mostly mc stuff anyways. I would be far more
> impressed if you would have debugged that in the cf or via sendmail
> flags. :)))
> I often use ssmtp on servers that run Wordpress etc and collect most
> mail to a mailhub which routes it internally and externally. 
> I <3 Sendmail.

I have been using Sendmail for about 25 years now and I must say that I
still find it quite satisfactory, though a bit overkill for the current
needs of me and my customers. And I certainly lost a lot of hair, but
not just due to using Sendmail 8-). So you understand that I grew quite
attached to Sendmail. Nevertheless, I would like see Sendmail moved to
ports and replaced by DMA in base, as proposed by Baptiste. Sendmail can
receive much better care as a port and it also should become much easier
to configure it for special needs (authentication, etc). This would also
open possibilities to experiment more with newer and lighter MTA's like
Postfix and OpenSMTPD without having parts of sendmail still lying
around and sendmail being rebuilt on every buildworld.

Go for it, and don't wait too long!

Kind regards,


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