On Wed, 26 Feb 2014, Don Lewis wrote:

On 26 Feb, Michael Butler wrote:
On 02/18/14 12:10, Michael Butler wrote:
Is anyone else seeing firefox failing to install after the clang-3.4
merge? As in xpcshell dumping core ..

An update ..

Recompiling with GCC48 on -current yields the same result. Seems to run
correctly when invoked from the command-line but seg-faults with "errno
= 4" (invalid instruction) from the build

Giving up and using the Linux port .. :-(

I've also seen this problem with clang-3.4 on i386.  It looks like a
clang bug to me.  Clang is putting ud2 instructions in its output which
are guaranteed to fault when it compiles nsAppRunner.cpp.  See

That would seem to indicate that clang believes the source code in question is exercising a case which is explicitly listed as giving undefined behavior in the language specification. Presumably that means we need a C++ language lawyer to look over the code in question.

-Ben Kaduk
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