Kohji Okuno wrote this message on Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 11:13 +0900:
> I have a question about kevent.
> How should the userland judge knote which is cleared from knlist by
> knlist_clear() or knlist_delete()?

It looks like I need to read the code better...  knlist_clear (killkn=0)
and knlist_delete (killkn=1) are wrappers around knlist_cleardel...

Looking at the code of knlist_cleardel, if killkn is set
(knlist_delete) the knote will be dropped (free'd)... if it is not set,
the flags _EOF and _ONESHOT will be set such that it'll be returned

Now that I look at the code, KNOTE_ACTIVATE is never called to be put
on the list to be delivered, so now I'm not sure if it works the way
it's suppose to... I have a feeling that the notes might hang around
forever until the kq fd is closed...

I'm also puzzled as to why _DETACHED isn't set, which would seem to
mean that we'll call f_detach when we close the kq, which I assume
could cause a panic...

This needs to be investigated/tested...

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