On 01/03/14 19:00, Yuriy Taraday wrote:
> Hello.
> I currently have FreeBSD 8.3 on my home server and it works fine but it's
> time to upgrade at last (new ath and new ipfw especially allure me). I've
> decided to go straight to 10.0 and reinstall system from scratch to purge
> all legacy unrelated configs and other stuff.
> The problem I faced is as follows. I have a (rather old) motherboard with
> integrated SATA controller that presents in the OS as IXP700. In 8.3 it
> works fine. I have 2 disks attached to it: one with all my data and another
> one destined to be new system disk. I also have one IDE disk installed that
> is currently used as system disk.
> When I booted from USB stick with 10.0, I couldn't see any SATA disks in
> the system. I dug into dmesg and found this: http://pastebin.com/wv2A0MUE
> As it seems AHCI controller or disks are not responding to commands and
> timeouts eventually.
> A friend suggested to try CURRENT image. I went
> with FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-amd64-VT-20140222-r262336-mini-memstick.img and
> got almost the same error: http://pastebin.com/0iGaSWUD
> The error repeats and never stops (looks like CURRENT images have different
> config) but it is essentially the same.
> I've googled the problem but found only notes about how IXP700 is really
> bad and pointers that cabling might be the problem. But I have absolutely
> no problems with 8.3, so it looks like some regression during further
> development (shift to CAM, maybe?).
> Please help me to identify and fix the problem.

This is just a shot in the dark, I'm not familiar with the AHCI driver,
but since you seem to be loosing interrupts (or I would say so based on
the timeout messages), you could try to disable MSI/MSI-X and fallback
to PCI intline IRQs. Could you try to boot with


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