On 06 Mar 2014, at 01:08, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
>>> Thanks for the fast work!  The patched solve the problem for me and I
>>> was able to install and run firefox on 11.0-CURRENT i386.
>> I have imported the upstream fix for this bug in r262809, and I will MFC
>> it after one week.  Happy Firefoxing. :-)
>> -Dimitry
> Does this mean the bug is fixed in 11-current?

Yes, the bug is fixed in 11-CURRENT, as of Subversion revision r262809.

> MFC?  Is that to 10-STABLE?  Your message is less than clear.

In FreeBSD, fixes are first applied to head (a.k.a -CURRENT), then
after a certain period they are merged to one more -STABLE branches,
depending on the type of fix.  This procedure is traditionally called
a Merge From Current, MFC.

In this particular case, I will merge the fix to both 10-STABLE and
9-STABLE.  Older branches do not have clang, so merging the fix to
them makes no sense.

> I figure if firefox build fails, the bug would affect some other ports as 
> well.

Don Lewis already mentioned the libxul port, and in general, any port
based on certain parts of the Mozilla source tree could be affected.


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