Recently I swaitched from pf to ipfw on some CURRENT boxes and for convenience 
I used the
"workstation" predefinition of FreeBSD. But with that change, all access of 
ports via
fetch located at ftp-sites stopped passing the filter.

Even switching to "open" doesn't help and this is confusing me.

The CURRENT box in question is passing its traffic within a LAN through a 
gateway running
also FreeBSD CURRENT, but with pf. The gateway is performing NAT. As long as 
the failing
client behind the gateway system is using pf as the filter, the traffic for ftp 
seems to
pass through. On the gateway with pf as the default filter, the ports fetching 
ftp-site their sources perform without problems.

What is up with IPFW?

Is their a solution? I tried to search google for "freebsd ipfw ftp" but I 
didn't find
anything suitable targeting my problem or any problem of that kind.

Thanks in adavance,


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