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Allan Jude wrote:


Honestly, my use case is just silently upgrading the strength of the
hashing algorithm (when combined with my other feature request).
Updating my bcrypt hashes from $2a$04$ to $2b$12$ or something. Same
applies for the default sha512, maybe I want to update to rounds=15000

Like this?

Request for comments:

This looks like what we wanted. In the feedback you talked about some
changes to your patch required to make it work, is there any progress on

Derek's patches worked perfectly for our needs, but we're the sort of people 
who use vipw and our own utilities for user management.  It wasn't until later 
that we discovered at least one other file would need patching to satisfy 
everyone.  We didn't want to employ the same copy-pasta method, so we asked for 
feedback about our proposed alternative.

secteam@, do you have any comments?  Before we put any more work into this, we 
want to be sure that our proposal is an acceptable one.

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