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yan cui <ccuiy...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
>      I am a student in Columbia University (Yan Cui), and want to
> join the FreeBSD GSOC 2014. After scanned the idea list posted
> online, I think I am interested in
> the idea titled "user space pthread mutex lock contention profiling
> and lock order verification tools". I have several year experiences
> in kernel and user locking and believe I can complete the task in
> time. Currently, I wonder to know, before submitting an application
> on GSOC home page, do I need to submit some documents in the
> community (to review?)

There is no requirement to submit something to the community. The
review will be done after your submission. There is the possibility to
improve your application, either based upon feedback from the
reviewers, or even on your own if you notice that your forgot something
or want to add something.

Participating in the community before the GSoC would tell something
about your interest (the above message does already tell something) to
participate and may also show something about your knowledge level.


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