On 12.03.2014 09:25, Nicolas Kozic wrote:
> Hello all, I come back on FreeBSD. I tried for a couple of months
> macports, fink on macosx on Mavericks version but it is not the
> same. On Mavericks we can have X via XQuartz but I miss some
> softwares and X from FreeBSD is different. So my actual solution
> is: Use one system with my needs and boot on when it's useful. I
> have many request about FreeBSD on MacPro (to access to my
> macintosh hard drive inside FreeBSD for instance). But first I want
> to boot on my FreeBSD HD. I installed on a hard drive who had
> previously the FileVault turned on. I want to know if it is the
> cause of my problem. Because I previously wrote "gpart bootcode -b
> /boot/pmbr -p /boot/gptboot -i bootpartition adax" and fix "bless
> -device /dev/disk setboot -legacy]". and my system refuses to boot.
> The last command ask me a problem.
> Do I need to bless the whole disk or the boot partition of disk ? 
> Nicolas Kozic

I avoided the whole problem like this on FreeBSD 10.0/amd64:
1. Format the disk with MBR (1 slice)
2. Format the slice as BSD label (3 partitions)
3. Put a UFS /boot, swap and zpool on partitions.
4. Install FreeBSD on the zpool
5. Copy /boot to the UFS and symlink it.
6. Put /boot/mbr on the disk
7. Put /boot/boot on the slice
8. Activate the first slice of the MBR
9. Watch the MacPro EFI boot in BIOS mode.

Just for fun I installed X.org and tested the System a little. 2D
Performance was nice but the combination of an old lowend Radeon with
a 2560px x 1600px display and the free X.org drivers resulted in
abysmal 3D performance at the native resolution.

I later extended this setup to a 4 way GEOM mirror /boot and a ZFS
pool of two mirrored VDEVs. The old SATA1 controller will cost you
some performance.
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