Archie Cobbs wrote:

I presume the public key at freefall matches the public key
at machine-B. Try connecting back in the other direction
so that the 'known machines' settings are tested.

> This only happens when going from machine A -> machine B -> freefall.
> Machine A is 3.4-REL, machine B is either 4.0-stable or 5.0-current
> (as of a couple of days ago).
> When going directly from machine A -> freefall it works fine...
> in this case no newer versions of FreeBSD are invovled.
> Previously, when machine B was 3.4-REL or pre-4.0-current (as of a few
> months ago), it worked fine.

The ssh in machine B is now different.. before it was ssh1 and now it
is openssh.
What happens if you use TELNET to get to machine B?
does the ssh to freefall still misbehave?
(in other words.. what if machine A is not involved?)

> Since then, only 'machine B' has changed. Machine A (and presumably
> freefall) haven't.

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