On Tue, 18 Mar 2014, John Baldwin wrote:

On Monday, March 17, 2014 7:23:19 pm Mariusz Zaborski wrote:

After our previous discuss  [1] I prepare fdclosedir(3) function which
was committed by Pawel (cc'ed) in commit r254499.

A while ago I also prepare the fdclose function. Unfortunately, this
new function is a little bit more tricky then previous one. Can I ask
you for a review of this patch?

I think the code is fine.  I have a few suggestions on the manpage wording:

+.Fn fdclose
+function is equivalent to the
+.Fn fclose
+function except that this function returns file descriptor instead of
+closing it.

I would move fdclose() to its own paragraph and reword this sentence as:

 "The fdclose() function is equivalent to fclose() except that it does
  not close the underlying file descriptor."

.Fn fdclose
is equivalent to
.Fn fclose ,
but the file descriptor is returned rather than closed.

Likewise in other sections, the markup is supposed to do the job of pointing out that something is a function.

textproc/igor can identify some problems with wording. It also checks for rudimentary mdoc(7) requirements.

If desired, I'm willing to edit this man page. (I've learned far too recently that most people do not want to be consulted on wording, they just want it fixed. That's now the approach I take: make all the corrections and return it, rather than a back-and-forth with the danger of edit fatigue.)
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