I was actually googling   about this yesterday and found no more info then the 
thread you posted.

So its seems that nothing was done related to this so far?

Which means using trim+geli is problematic.

I was using my ssd with UFS+trim+geli in my laptop. But even before noticing 
the lack of support changed my setup... since the laptop has both a ssd and hdd 
I am now using zfs+geli in the hdd.
I have 2 partitions in the ssd and I'm using it for log/cache.

But for laptops with 1ssd only this is a problem....
I also read that new ssd's depending on the vendor might not need trim at all, 
but I'm not really sure how to tell.

On 20 March 2014 18:21:51 WET, Greg Rivers <gcr+freebsd-curr...@tharned.org> 
>A while back there was talk of adding TRIM support to geli(8) [1]. 
>anyone know if progress has been made or if there are still plans for
>Greg Rivers
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