On Wed, Mar 26, 2014, Willy Offermans wrote:

> > > Note: see README file in case of errors.
> >   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > > pic -C op.me | eqn -C -Tascii | groff -Tascii -me | ul -t dumb > op.txt
> > > ul: unknown escape sequence in input: 33, 133

> You are so right and I had looked into the README file, as suggested.
> However I could not find a hint about the error, so therefore I

Hmm, did you look at the right README file? Here it is:
Known Problems with some *roff versions

If you encounter the error:

Unknown escape sequence in input: 33, 133

when trying to create op.txt then set the GROFF_NO_SGR environment
variable (see grotty(1) man page), e.g.,

csh% setenv GROFF_NO_SGR 1

$Id: README,v 8.1 2004/07/20 20:25:10 ca Exp $

PS: if you don't need op.txt, then you can simply ignore the error.
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