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The last thread on this was in 2006. Has it ever been
reconsidered or is the likelihood of too many damaged
packets the reason for not supporting? I'm not sure
where to put this question. Apologies for the noise.
You've provided next to no context.  What is the
question?  What thread are you referring to?  If this is
the usual UDP then freebsd-net would be vastly more
appropriate than -current.

-- Brooks

Thanks. I will ask kevlo and maybe bring it up on
freebsd-net. It has to do with an implementation of the
JACK server using UDP Lite for transferring data.


like nobody proposed a patch?

I think the concern was that this is not very useful in real-world
scenarios due to link layer error detection mechanism but that
doesn't raise a red flag to me assuming this is sufficiently self
contained feature as it would improve compatibility with other
operating systems.


Not my project;  but, I want to port it to FreeBSD. First is to
get it to build from source. Use  your raspberry pi with FreeBSD
to broadcast your tunes and all.

Thanks for all of the input. The project is being reworked to
improve the code.
Kevin Lo have a patchset but needs someone to do performance testing
(its impact on non-UDPLite applications), test with vimage, etc:


Are you interested in working on these and report back?
The revised patch is available at:

Thank you for your suggestions.

A few suggestions:

- I would just drop the INP lock and return EOPNOTSUPP directly rather
   than using goto's to 'bad_setoptname' and 'bad_getoptname' so the
   UDP-lite options are self-contained.


- I'm not a super big fan of all the udp_common_* macros only because
   I think it obfuscates things.  At the very least, please move these
   things out of the header and into udp_usrreq.c so they are closer
   to the implementation.  I would even suggest making them inline
   functions instead of macros.

Okay, I removed two udp_common_* macros.  I also renamed udp_common_init()
to udp_udplite_init() and moved it into udp_usrreq.c.  Using a macro here
to follow the style used in SCTP (sctp_os_bsd.h).

Here's a third version of the udp-lite patch:

However, I think the patch generally looks ok.

Cool!  Thanks again for your review of udp-lite's patch :-)

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