I have the same problem on a HP Microserver N54L with FreeBSD 10 release.

If a jail is running and the jail executes


the server crashes. This happens every night at 4:03 CET.

If I run


manually in the jail, the server also crashes immediately.

Now I wanted to try to same as Anton and run each script in 


manually, but I also get:

        ASSERTION FAILED: Unexpected value for  $PERIODIC: ‘'

I then ran:

        setenv PERIODIC "security daily”

which allowed me to run each security script separately. 

If I run:

        root@jail:/etc/periodic/security # ./520.pfdenied 

the machine immediately reboots.

Looking at 520.pfdenied I tried running the command:

        root@jail:~ # pfctl -sr -v

directly, which also crashes the host immediately.

All the best,


PS: I have a custom kernel with VIMAGE which I use with the jail

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