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>You know you opened a can of worms with that one. Because all the nerds are 
>going to step up and say "Well, I run FreeBSD on my  >desktop! It's totally 
>Dear nerds, get some perspective. You aren't an end user, and you're 
>masochistic. It's okay, we accept you here. But your individual >use case 
>doesn't indicate a place in the market. Your basement isn't a market. It's a 
>basement. Your small company isn't a market. It's a >small company. Many 
>companies combined create a market.

Why aren't all the nerds and small businesses out there a market?  I'm no 
marketing expert or anything, but it would seem that there is some kind of 
market out there that isn't being catered to.  I may be a masochist, but I 
refuse to have to pay Apples prices for their hardware.  They just seem insane 
to me.  If they ever decided to sell OS X for non-Apple hardware I might use it.

And just for the record I've been using FreeBSD as an exclusive home desktop 
since 1999.  

At work now so however Outlook mangles this is my fault :)

Rod Person

Just because it can been done, does not mean it should be done.
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