> <<On Sat, 22 Apr 2000 01:45:20 -0400 (EDT), "Brandon D. Valentine" 
> > to include support for the MCA bus.  The vast majority of MCA bus
> > machines in existence utilize ESDI because they predate the UDMA and
> AFAIK, the only MCA disk controller supported does SCSI.

The IBM PS/2 family supported them all, ST506, ESDI and SCSI...

Being that I have all the IBM PS/2 FE service documents, a quick
look at just the Model 80 option list gives me:

90X9063 Fixed Disk Drive Adapter (ESDI)
72X8540 Fixed Disk Drive Adapter (ST506)
15F6779 SCSI Adapter/A With Cache

I probably also have at least 1 of each of these cards around here...

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