Leif Neland wrote:

> > make world doesn't build a kernel. Making a kernel doesn't build
> > modules. This bit me again the other day when updating, as well - panic at
> > boot when loading a stale linux.ko.
> >
> If making world _and_ kernel doesn't build modules, what _then_?

Making world builds kernel modules.  If you followed this thread
before, I stated that modules should be built with the kernel.  After
all, they ARE kernel modules, and are part of the kernel, and not the

I'd like to discuss further the possibility of creating some sort of
mechanism where the modules can be built with the kernel.  Also, we
can have some sort of option in LINT or GENERIC where a keyword, such
as module, can be put somewhere in the kernel config file line to
compile certain drivers as modules instead of statically linking them
into the kernel.

Which mailing list would be appropriate for discussing kernel modules,

- Donn

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