Few explanations to clarify maybe non-obvious moments:

On 05.04.2014 7:35, Andrey Chernov wrote:
>>> big hack and slowing sorting down up to 10 times.

Because our search for chains is linear because common single byte table
have no more than 2-3 chains. I don't think it worth efforts to optimize
search here, because better way to spend them is to implement
>>> http://unicode.org/reports/tr10/

> "No code" situation doesn't mean wrong code can be committed.

Since we plan to change defaults from KOI8-R to UTF-8 ("russian" login
class), breaking sort order for non-alphabetic chars will violate POLA.
Sort order will be broken because only CP1251 is used to construct Alex
"chains" collation without merging with KOI8-R table.

Merging KOI8-R collation is absolute minimum, but proper hack will be
merging CP866 and ISO8859-5 too, as I already mention.


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