With r264175, the uart(4) driver will no longer prevent changing the baudrate
nor the CLOCAL or HUPCL control flags. What this means is that if you have a
serial console on which getty(8) is started, the settings you have in /etc/ttys
will now actually take effect!

To preserve the previous behaviour, change your /etc/ttys line for the serial
console to (for serial consoles on ttyu0):
        ttyu0  "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire"  vt100  on  secure

You can replace "3wire" to "std" once you've validated that you have a carrier
signal. Otherwise setting the terminal type/class to "std" will result in the
getty(8) process getting blocked. With a carrier signal, you'll be logged out
as soon as carrier drops (i.e. when you disconnect from the console). This is
a nice feature if security is not unimportant to you.

To change the baudrate on the fly, change the terminal type/class to any of
the "3wire.XXXX" or "std.XXXX" types, where XXXX is the baudrate.

And don't forget to SIGHUP init(8) after making changes, otherwise the changes
don't take effect!


Marcel Moolenaar

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