I have new information.
        The previous problem occurs when I run this script:

#! /bin/sh
set -x
cd /usr/src
if [ -f buildworld.log ]
    then rm buildworld.log
rm -rf /usr/obj
cp -p /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf/JERUSALEM /root
make  cleandir
date > ./buildworld.time
make -d l buildworld > ./buildworld.log 2>&1

        (Which has worked for years.)
        _However_ if

root>> cd /usr/src/rescue
root>> make clean
root>> make obj
root>> make

        I get the this:


1) does this mean building rescue (both dynamic and static) succeeded? It looks like it, but .... 2) if so - why does the automated version fail while the manual one succeed?
        3) Assuming:
                a) all previous steps of "make buildworld" succeeded
                b) I have run "make", but not "make install" in
can I re-run "make buildworld" in /usr/src and have it Do The Right Thing? (Independent errors notwithstanding.)


                        Robert Huff

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