On 09/04/2014 22:17, Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Hi,
> I found this old thread….
> I can’t boot FreeBSD 10 installed with zfsroot on a DL380G7 (P410i 
> controller).
> I tried the installer and I tried installing with mfsbsd10se.
> System has 48GB RAM.
> Is there a PR for this?
> Now, I’ve got to waste 2’600 GB disks (and 300-odd I/Os) for a boot-disk…..

You've got more than 8 drives in your zpool?  I ran into a similar
problem a while back: the bios only tells the OS about the first 8
drives during boot, and that isn't enough to assemble a workin zpool from.

Solution I adopted was to have a USB mem stick with /boot on it --
enough to get the kernel up and running and to assemble the zpool, which
could then provide the root fs perfectly well.



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