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>An important thing to note here is motive. The Linux Foundation is
>housing this "Core Infrastructure Initiative" project, and so they are
>the ones who get all the money. "The Initiative's funds will be
>administered by the Linux Foundation and a steering group comprised of
>backers of the project as well as key open source developers and other
>industry stakeholders." So, it might be in the interest of these
>people to not necessarily fix bugs. They might be interested in other
>things, like ownership. Though, this may be a bit irrational.

It has occurred to me that Linux (in general, not the Foundation)
contains a number of religious zealots and the current OpenSSL license
is not in keeping with their religion.  And there have been previous
cases where portable open source software has passed into the
maintainership of Linux groups and had all the cross-platform code
excised to make it Linux-only.

Peter Jeremy

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