On 4/28/14, 12:30 AM, Ian Lepore wrote:
On Sun, 2014-04-27 at 22:25 +0800, Julian Elischer wrote:
I need to hold off using CLANG for a while at $JOB. We are moving to a
newer FBSD in the vicinity of 10.0 but we need to keep the gcc in hte
picture for a bit longer before switching.  What options do I put into
various /etc/make.conf to keep CLANG out ofhte picture until we are
ready for it?

  From reading various posts I see:
CPP=gcc -E
but that doesn't seem complete to me.

For now I want to not compile clang in our official build environment.
(and obviously not use it until we are ready for it later this year.)

What other hooks do I need to set?

We've got the same situation at work.  What I'm using right now to build
11-current @ r264151 is this:

        WITH_GCC=yes \
        WITH_GNUCXX=yes \
        WITHOUT_CLANG=yes \
        WITHOUT_CLANG_IS_CC=yes \

But that's now several weeks out of date, and there are two new knobs I
haven't investigated yet: WITH_CLANG_BOOTSTRAP and WITH_GCC_BOOTSTRAP.

-- Ian

Thanks Ian.
Can soneone who is driving this please chime in? I will need to keep GCC on systems from 9.0 to 10.1 (and various points in between on the -current lineage). Will the lines above work for that whole range? or did it change over time? I expect to flip the CLANG switch sometime around the time when we slide on to 10.1 or so.

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