On Apr 28, 2014, at 12:54 AM, Julian Elischer <jul...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> On 4/28/14, 12:30 AM, Ian Lepore wrote:
>>      WITH_GCC=yes \
>>      WITH_GNUCXX=yes \
>>      WITHOUT_CLANG=yes \
>>      WITHOUT_CLANG_IS_CC=yes \
> forgot to ask.. is this in /etc/make.conf?
> or elsewhere?

Add them to /etc/make.conf. They will be global to the entire system.

Current may also require WITHOUT_CLANG_BOOTSTRAP=t and WITH_GCC_BOOTSTRAP=t if 
you want to build the system with gcc. The ‘build for the target’ and ‘what to 
build with’ have been decoupled and there’s no clean way to fallback.

Also, in the future CLANG_IS_CC is going to die entirely. It was supposed to be 
a short-term hack, and it has lived too long and been used in too many lame, 
hackey ways. It is time to retire it. It will be replaced by 
DEFAULT_COMPILER=<blah> which will drive the defaults to build with as well as 
to install with (nicely solving the current friction points here). I have the 
start of patches to do this, so maybe by BSDcan it will be gone in current, 
along with every last clang-induced build-system kludge. I’ve killed about a 
dozen already, but more remain.


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