As far as I can tell, the situation is the same on
FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE #0 r265185 amd64.

newcons uses my X font (terminus), albeit it produces 
no polish letters (some random glyphs are produced), 
bell is working but initila terminal offset is wrong- 
I can "overwrite" my terminal prompt, X is mute 
but correctly localized.

I've added:

device         vt
device         vt_vga            

#device         sc
#device         vga

I have in rc.conf


but it makes no difference on newcons
iirc from last time.

newcons work similarly to xterm those
few times I've unsuccessfully tried to switch 
to UTF-8 (I've distinctly remember prompt
offset problem and indexed 3 in place of ł).

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