I've used attached script for making usable kbd.

I'm aware of another problem though (and can
clarify it now).

If I use any other character than a basic latin set, my 
prompt is not preserved.

e. g.

Kuba@Thinkpad:/usr/home/Kuba $ abcdefghi


Kuba@Thinkpad:/usr/home/Kuba $ <prompt is right here>

Kuba@Thinkpad:/usr/home/Kuba $ ąćęłóźż


Kuba@Thinkpad:/usr/ho <prompt somewhere here>

Apart form that, newcons works, albeit kind of choppy, 
do I have any control of it's resolution?

Can I make it more seamless with both X and bootloader?

(now I have bootloader for a splitsecond, abrupt video reset, 
newcons spawned with the same resolution but with 
different font, after starting X and going back to newcons 
it preserves X resolution)

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