On 1 May 2014 17:31, Jakub Lach <jakub_l...@mailplus.pl> wrote:
> I'm aware of another problem though (and can
> clarify it now).
> If I use any other character than a basic latin set, my
> prompt is not preserved.

Thanks for testing!  With which shell do you observe this?  I don't
with csh from base and zsh from ports, and it appears sh doesn't
accept the characters at all.  (I am testing with -CURRENT, though.)

> Apart form that, newcons works, albeit kind of choppy,
> do I have any control of it's resolution?

Right now it defaults to 80x25 characters in a 640x480 framebuffer,
and the resolution won't change until the specific driver is loaded
(e.g. i915kms), and it should then switch to the proper resolution for
your display.  This happens automatically when X starts, but you can
also manually kldload the driver.  There is unfortunately no way to
choose a resolution yet.

> Can I make it more seamless with both X and bootloader?
> (now I have bootloader for a splitsecond, abrupt video reset,
> newcons spawned with the same resolution but with
> different font, after starting X and going back to newcons
> it preserves X resolution)

For now if you have the driver load you'll have a seamless experience
between console and X, but still a blip when switching from the loader
to kernel.  That will be addressed on UEFI systems, but we probably
won't be able to do anything about it for the non-UEFI case.

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