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After updating my laptop to yesterday's CURRENT (r265216),
I got the following fatal double fault on boot:

My previous kernel was based on r264721.

I'm using a couple of custom patches, some of them are ZFS-related
and thus may be part of the problem (but worked fine for months).
I'll try to reproduce the panic without the patches tomorrow.

Your seeing a stack overflow in the new ZFS queuing code, which I
believe is being triggered by lack of support for TRIM in one of
your devices, something Xin reported to me yesterday.

I commited a fix for failing TRIM requests processing slowly last
night so you could try updating to after r265253 and see if that

I still need to investigate the stack overflow more directly which
appears to be caused by the new zfs queuing code when things are
running slowly and there's a large backlog of IO's.

I would be interested to know you config there so zpool layout and
hardware in the mean time.

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