On 2014-05-04 10:28, Matthias Apitz wrote:
> El día Saturday, May 03, 2014 a las 04:59:48PM -0700, Kevin Oberman escribió:
>> On Sat, May 3, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>>> Set it to the lowest available Cx state that you see in dev.cpu.0 .
>> Available is not required. Set it to C8. That guarantees that you will use
>> the lowest available. The correct incantation in rc.conf is "Cmax".
>> performance_cx_lowest="Cmax"
>> economy_cx_lowest="Cmax"
>> But, unless you want laggy performance, you will probably also want:
>> hint.p4tcc.0.disabled=1
>> hint.acpi_throttle.0.disabled=1
>> in /boot/loader.conf. Low Cx states and TCC/throttling simply don't mix
>> well and TCC is not effective, as mentioned earlier in this thread.
> Re/ powerd I have in /etc/rc.conf:
> # powerd
> powerd_enable="YES"
> powerd_flags="-a max -b adp"
> #
> performance_cx_lowest="Cmax"
> economy_cx_lowest="Cmax"
> (and the additional hint.* in /boot/loader.conf as well). Which process
> 'performance_cx_lowest' and 'economy_cx_lowest' target exactly as config
> values? 
> Thx
>       matthias

In a pretty unscientific test on my laptop (Lenovo T530 with Intel i5
3320M), setting hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest=C8 lowered power consumption at
idle by about 3 watts, which adds about 30-45 minutes to my battery life
during conservative usage.

Using PCBSD 10, so hint.acpi_throttle.0.disabled=1 was already set
(apparently solves some issue with powerd on some AMD systems)

I have added hint.p4tcc.0.disabled=1 but not sure where to expect to see
a difference.

Allan Jude

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