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Hello list.


Looking for information about using newcons as the terminal driver in
xorg for desktop in a jail.

I don't really understand how that can be related.

software running in jail doing output to same terminal in which jail
started. So if you open xterm, and start jail from it, jailed s/w will
output into xterm window. If you run jail from system virtual terminal
syscons or vt(a.k.a. newcons), jailed s/w will output to that virtual
terminal, no matter which one it is (syscons or vt(4))

Can only find this

Has anybody gotten it to work in a jail?


It has been a long time known fact that a jail with xorg/what-ever-desktop does not work when trying to login to that jail from the host. Reason is xorg uses kernel to access syscons and the jail don't allow it that access just like its suppose to do. Now remotely ssh into that xorg jail works.

So the question is when newcoms is on the host and the jail has xorg/what-ever-desktop installed can a host user login to that jail and have xorg/desktop work on the hosts screen? Host user means someone setting at the host computer console video device. Login means execute "jexec jailname tcsh" to open console to that jail.

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