Am 06.05.2014 14:39, schrieb Stefan Esser:
> Am 06.05.2014 13:44, schrieb Trond Endrestøl:
>> On Tue, 6 May 2014 13:24+0200, Stefan Esser wrote:
>>> Am 06.05.2014 11:52, schrieb Stefan Esser:
>>> I committed a fix/work-around to stop the flood of tinderbox messages
>>> (r265433).
>> tinderbox still complains about usr.bin/bmake/
> Hmmm, I managed to buildworld -HEAD after this patch, but it is
> possible, that I had installed in /usr/share/mk when
> I started the build.
> (I later deleted it, to be sure that the version in the source
> directory was found and used when building modules, which the
> commit actually fixed.)
> I guess the remaining problem is caused by
> .include ""
> in line 3 of src/usr.bin/bmake/
> Changing this line to read ".include <>" seems to fix
> it on my system.
> --- usr.bin/bmake/
> +++ usr.bin/bmake/
> @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
>  # $FreeBSD$
> -.include ""
> +.include <>
>  .if defined(.PARSEDIR)
>  # make sure this is available to unit-tests/Makefile
> It is possible, that the build will still fail at a latter stage,
> though (buildworld is still running).
> I committed the above patch, since it gets buildworld through the
> bmake subdirectory at least (r265436). If buildworld fails again,
> then I'll commit any further missing fixes in one go. I'll know
> in some 20 minutes.

My -HEAD buildworld completed without error for r265436,
but the tinderbox still complains at r265439.

When I had looked for the cause of the build errors, I had
modified several other Makefiles, but I reverted all these
temporary changes before the last buildworld, which succeeded.
(I had added "-I $(.CURDIR)/share/mk" to several invocations
of sub-make processes, but I checked - these are removed and
already were, during the successful buildworld.)

I cannot reproduce the failure in buildworld, even after
deleting the from /usr/share/mk to reproduce
a system before that file gets installed.

But if I just go to usr.bin/bmake and try to build it on
a system without already installed, I get the
error reported by tinderbox.

Reverting r265436 seems to help: "make -I /usr/src/share/mk"
in src/usr.bin/bmake finds in the source directory.

But I added that patch as the final step required to fix
buildworld on my system ...

I'll see whether the build completes with r265436 reverted
and will back this commit out, if successful.

Regards, STefan
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